About - Jonas Beyer Photography

Jonas Beyer

I stepped into the world of photography when I was a teenager, having always been fascinated with all things outdoors, nature, and wildlife. Together, they have proved a great combination towards my love of photography.

In 2012, I moved to Greenland to work for the US Air Force on Thule Air Base as an activity guide and then in 2014, to the Northern region of Norway as a dogsled guide.

The two unique jobs/locations helped me realize that my passion wasn’t just photography, but wildlife photography. Specifically, that I wanted to focus on the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions as I have always been impressed by the wildlife and their ability to adapt and overcome the extreme environments.

I have also done a lot of diving and underwater photography throughout Asia. The last 2 years, pushing myself to new heights by diving in the extreme cold, and have even had the pleasure of swimming with both killer and humpback whales in Norway.

I’ve also held workshops in Denmark, Uganda, Norway and Greenland to put my passion to good use and teach others the joys of photography.

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